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Car Rental Qualification & Requirements


Reservations: Reservations will only be confirmed for a car groups. Specific model or fuel type of a car can be reserved based on availability.

Fuel: All Thrifty vehicles are supplied to Renter with full tank of gasoline. Renter agrees to return the vehicle with full tank of gasoline. If at the end of rental vehicle is returned with less than a full tank Renter will be charged according to Thrifty Refueling chart. Charge for missing fuel at the end of rental 3.00 EUR per litre.

Territorial restrictions: There are no restrictions to move within the territories of the Baltic states (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia). If the Renter wants to move on to Finland or Poland, the Renter needs to obtain a written permit issued in any Thrifty office in Latvia at the time when the rental agreement is being signed and extra payment for the insurance will be charged. In any breach of this condition full Renter’s responsibility for the car theft or damage as well as losses made by the third person sets in. 

Rental rates: Thrifty daily rental rates are for 24 hours, including public liability insurance, Collision and damage waivers (CDW) and Theft protection (TP).

Additional day: Exceeding 24 hours limit for more than 29 minutes, another rental day will be charged.

Identifications required: At the time of rental Renter/ driver is required to present a valid passport/ ID and driving licence.

Insurance: All authorized drivers of Thrifty vehicles are covered by third party liability insurance against injuries, death or damage of third parties.

Collision and Damage Waiver (CDW) and Theft Protection (TP): CDW and TP reduce Renter`s liability in case of damages or theft to the rented vehicle or it`s parts to 430.00 EUR for car groups B, C, M, R and to 850.00 EUR for other car groups.

Super Cover (SC): Renter`s liability for the theft and damages is fully waived. SC does not cover damages of interior and interior accessories of the rented vehicle if they are caused by Renter`s/ drivers actions. 

Personal accident insurance (PAI): The driver and passengers of Thrifty vehicle are insured in case of death or disability with a cover up to 20 000 EUR. Charge 6.00 EUR per day.

Age and driving license requirements: Thrifty vehicles can be driven from 21 years of age at an additional charge. No charge applies for customers from 25 years of age. Driving license: all drivers of Thrifty vehicles should be holders of driving license for a minimum period of 1 year. Young driver charge 6.00 EUR per day or maximum 42.00 EUR per rental.

Additional drivers: An additional fee of 6.00 EUR per day or max 42.00 EUR per rental is charged for every additional driver enclosed on the rental agreement.

Payment: As a form of payment we accept the following Credit Cards: VISA, AMEX, and EC/MC. The estimated rental charges, liability deposit, fuel security deposit will be authorized on Renter`s credit card at the beginning of rental.

Delivery/Collection: If possible, free of charge during working days from 09:00 till 18:00 hours and within Riga limits only. Outside of office hours an additional charge will be applied for delivery or collection 26.00 EUR. Additional charge will be applied for delivery or collection in other cities in Latvia 70.00 EUR.

Rent it here – leave it there: For rentals in Thrifty locations in Lithuania and Estonia a drop off charge 135.00 EUR will be applied, with prior authorization from Thrifty.

Penalties: All tickets and administrative sanctions resulting from violations of the Traffic Law during the rental period are absorbed solely by Renter. Additional administration handling fee for same amount as penalty or minimum of 36.00 EUR per ticket will be charged. In case of lost car registration documents and/ or car keys Renter will be charged a fee of 430.00 EUR for costs and administration of renewal of registration documents and/ or car keys.

Winterisation From 1st November to 1st March or when requested by weather conditions, all Thrifty vehicles are fitted with winter tires. Snow chains are not available.